A Letter To The People With Mental Illness

Februari 21, 2017

Dear You..

You feel alone and empty, sad and angry, you feel so many feelings. I can't even name them all. It's not always easy to be you, it's no easy life. I want to tell you, you can do it.  I want to hug you and tell you, that you're worth it, that you're strong.

You're not useless, I know sometimes you feel like that. You are not damage or broken. I know that's how your body and your mind feelings. You're not failure, I know sometimes you think about yourself like that.

You are not a monster, I know that's what you see when you looks in the mirror. Instead, I want to tell you what you really are. You're a warrior, you are a fighter, you're a survivor.

And you're love for so many people, it can just be hard to see, when you're stuck in your own hole of darkness, emptyness, and sadness. They're there for you, you just need to take a look around.

You're worth it, you're unique, wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, curious, kind, smart, and inspiring human being. You deserve a good life, you're the winner. Your world is full of light and darkness and that is OK. That is just the way you are and I'm fine with that.

Peoples treat you differently as soon as they hear the words "mental illness". They changed, but please stop thinkings that is your faults. It's not even your problem, forget about them, they're not worth it, you are !

Say goodbye to them and never look back. They don't deserve your kindness, wonderfulness and uniqueness. They just don't deserve you, you're better then them.

I know you feel like you're not strong enough. Believe me, mental illness has nothing to do with strength. You're not weak, just because you've a deal with that (mental illness).  It rather means you're so strong. You're still alive, aren't you ?

I love you for being so strong and brave. I'm thankful for you being strongs enough to stay alive.
Forgive yourself for the things you've done or never did.



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