Februari 20, 2017

My physical scars on my body are those for all to see. 
They're part of my life, accepted now and mostly let me be. 
But the wounds that hurt me the most are those that i hold on my head.
Ghostly shadows to pounce and fill my day with dread.

I tried to fight these spirits, as I did on my past.
In my walking moments and my sleeps.
But still they will not yield.

Flashbacks,dreams, memories of things i want to erase, inprinted on my heart and mind.
They haunt my everydays. I've tried to shut these things away, and put them out of my mind.
But however hard I try, I just can't leave behind.

The sounds i've heard, the sight i've seen, the lies that I 've been taken.
I'm told by those around me. Forget it now, It's over.
But sadly they're mistaken.

A few in time, can do just that and they're the lucky few.
For many people the battle is over, they couldn't see it throught.
Iwant to ride my demons. But they wont set me free.
And forever locked in my tortured mind.
I CAN'T find the key 


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