The Strongest People Need Love The Most

Januari 12, 2019

The strongest ones, the most confident ones, the ones who look like they have never needed love from anyone but themselves, those are the people that need love the most.
You see, they've become so good at hiding their hurt, their pains that people simply forget that they too feel just as insecure and vulnerable as everybody else.

They are expected to laugh through their problem because that is what they have always done and the support that they give others is never returned because no one think they need it.
They are so used to be everyone else's rock, everyone else's crying shoulder, everyone else's  human to turn to, that when it comes to their own pain, they simply bottle it up and put it away.

They cry alone, they hurt alone, they never tell anyone about their nightmares or how cruel life is really being, because if they do, they afraid people will not see them as strong anymore.
They are afraid of crumbling in front of anyone else because they do not want to seem weak or broken.

The strongest one of us need support more than anything in the world, because of being strong so long that when they fall apart, is it not just human falling to pieces and recovering, it is an avalanche, a volcano eruption, the most of pain that you could not imagine possible for human to hold within themselves.

The strongest people, disguise tears behind smiles and avert their eyes when in pain once too often.
This is why its so important to ask 'are you okay?' more than once. Sometimes, especially from someone who is that strong.

This is why its important to allow our heart to understand what our minds can not when we see someone's smile change, or they eyes show something their demeanor can not.

The strongest one of us need support the most. Because when the time come to rely on someone they don't know how, they don't know how to reach out of a hands as they are, so used to being the rock for everyone.
Nikita Gill

Tulisan di atas menohok sekali bukan? Bagaimana seorang yang terlihat kuat dan baik-baik saja itu menyimpan gunung berapi di dalam diri mereka yang sewaktu-waktu bisa memuntahkan lahar panasnya.

Terlebih dia sudah terlalu lama menjadi kuat. Dan orang-orang di sekitarnya tertipu dengan pandangan sekilas yang nampak 'kuat' itu.

Untuk kalian jiwa-jiwa kuat dan sedang belajar kuat, speak up lah! menangislah! berteriak lah! Jangan berlelah-lelah sendirian, jangan bersembunyi di balik senyum yang kalian paksakan.

Dari aku yang sama berjuangnya seperti kalian.


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